The Chosen One

10/28/2020 4:28:26 PM
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I looked at the gun as my brain tried to focus on it, but I was being pulled away. I knew exactly what would stop her. She’s wanted me to do it for about a year now.


 I opened my mouth and said “Papa!” 


My mother instantly went hysterical. She started shouting for my dad. I think it had something to do with the fact that I just said my first word. She kept me down at the shooting range floor and knelt down to my level. I instantly got up and started running towards the man with the gun. These were my first steps. My mum had the video recorder out, hoping I would say my first word again. As soon as I ran, the Camcorder recorded. I sprinted towards the man who was holding the gun. When he saw me, he unloaded the gun and put it on the ground. I knelt to the ground and pulled the trigger. 


“Damn!” I cursed, as my mother became even more shocked, I looked up at the person who unloaded the gun. I had seen him before.


We were in the car, driving back home. My mum had a wide grin on her face. This time was a good time to think. The person didn't seem like any ordinary person. I knew him from somewhere, but where? Suddenly, my dad took a sharp left into our driveway. He always does that, I don’t know why. I slid to the right because of the momentum and stopped right in front of the door. I opened the door and waited for my mum to pick me up from the car. I would know more about this person when we next went to see him at the shooting range. Hopefully he works there or he just goes there xvxsy Sfiyshfy ljkx yn. Syhhxnly, I wfh f bsfjnwfvx. I nfw iwx pxsnjn&snqyj;n ffcx nisfjgwi ffixs I ijjk my fjsni nixpn, nj, wjn ffcx myni wfvx bxxn sxcjshxh. I plyggxh iwx sxcjshxs jn iwx TV.


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