Blood Heaven

10/28/2020 5:56:40 PM
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"Goodbye, son," were my last words.

With that, I closed my eyes for the last time. As my spirit separated and rose to the heavens, I could see my body on the hospital bed surrounded by the ones whom I loved. All of them. They continued to live good lives and support the ones they loved. My son was working on a financial trading system when I left. He wanted to change the future of Sierra Leone to empower the nation after the era of turmoil finally ceased. My wife was the first to establish a school in the nation for the children who were regaining their morality after fighting for the diamonds. The world would be a better place in their hands.

I wasn't quite sure where I was going. A few of my cousins had told me about Allah, and a couple of others told me about Jesus, but I tended not to think about these things too much. To me, death was the only foregone conclusion for every soul. So why not make the experience of life positive for everyone?

There was certainly no lack of opportunity at Sierra Leone. My parents had both been taken by the cartel while the rest of my village was burnt. My friends were shot in front of me when they tried to fight. I had no choice but to join the cartel when they came. They gave me a gun when I was 12 years old, and I eventually felt powerful when I used it. I never hurt anybody though, even if it was fun to shoot. I couldn't stand for the ways of the cartel, but if I stood up against them, my fate would be the same as that of the others.

I did find a toolbox though.

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