The End

10/28/2020 6:24:33 PM
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carbon based human living on Earth bleep bloop

I was lying in bed, thinking about Ponyboy, Darry and Dally. Why had I done it? Why had Ponyboy done it? Was he just trying to be tuff by saving those kids? I tried to answer these questions in my head when a thought occurred to me, none of this would have happened if I stopped Dally hitting on Marcia and Cherry. It was all my fault that Ponyboy and Dally were in hospital. If I didn’t stop Dally, the girls wouldn’t have asked me to protect them, Bob wouldn’t have gotten angry, I wouldn’t have had to kill him, and we wouldn’t have had to hide in the church where the fire started.

I wonder how the rumble would be going. I really wish I wouldn’t be here and be fighting in it instead. I hope Ponyboy and Darry are alright. I wish they could sort it out between themselves, it’s like they’re forgetting me, or they think I don’t have any problems. Well I do have problems; the biggest one right now is that I’m dying. And I was feeling sleepy. 

When I opened my eyes, the doctor was standing next to me, “You were calling for Ponyboy and Darry.”

“What else was I saying?” I asked the doctor.

“I think you were saying something about a rumble.”

“Oh, okay.”

I was asleep for a while now. The rumble was probably over. If we won this rumble, the socs would never bother us on our territory again. Greasers all around the area would be able to live in peace. Sudden, I heard fast and heavy footsteps outside the room. Someone turned the doorknob and came in, heavily breathing, as if they had been running for a long time.

“Johnnycake?” it was Dally’s voice. “Johnny?”

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